Providing cloth diaper delivery to the Quad Cities, Iowa City, Muscatine and the surrounding areas.  We can be reached at 563-272-9377 or

Soggy Bottom Diaper Service LLC
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Call or email us to get your service started!  For newborns, please contact us 3-4 weeks in advance of the due date and we'll have your diapers to you before the baby arrives. We can be reached at 563-272-9377 or
Welcome to Soggy Bottom Diaper Service!  We are excited to deliver fresh cloth diapers to homes throughout the Quad Cities, Muscatine, and Iowa City/Coralville areas, along with all surrounding communities.  

How Easy is Cloth Diapering?
Easier than you think!  Using diaper wraps, there are no pins required when changing your child.  Simply lay the cotton diaper in the wrap, fold over the front of baby and fold over the Velcro tabs on the wrap to secure the diaper in place.  You are done!  Place the soiled diaper in your diaper pail and we will handle the rest. 

Why Choose Cloth Diapering?
There are numerous benefits including health, environmental, and financial.  

* Save time - We will pick up your dirty diapers and deliver clean ones to your door.  You save time by having us do the laundering.

* Save money -The cost of a cloth diaper service is less than using disposable diapers with the amount of savings dependent on the disposable diaper brand you use.  However, potty training can occur 6-12 months faster in cloth so factor in the cost saved on less diapers!

* Clean Healthy Baby - Keeping 100% cotton on your baby's skin for comfort and breathability - helping ventilate the skin and evaporate the potentially irritating ammonia that starts to form once a baby urinates - is a great choice.  We know the comfort of cotton based on our own clothing choices, so it is only logical to want that same soft touch for sensitive skin on our baby.  Cotton is the natural fabric of choice for use directly on the skin.  Along with comfort, cotton has natural absorbency which does not require the use of a combination of plastics and chemicals that are found in disposables.

* Environmental -  It is estimated that 20 billion disposable diapers end up in a landfill every year and that it takes 250-500 years to decompose.  These diapers are single use whereas a cloth diaper can be used 50-150 times before being turned into rags.  Using cloth diapers helps reduce the money it takes to manage this waste in the landfill as well as the resources it takes to manufacture disposables, including crude oil and wood pulp.

How It Works
We will deliver fresh clean diapers to your door on a weekly basis. Just have your dirty diapers on your doorstep ready for pickup by 7am and the fresh bunch will be waiting for you to use your next week. If you need to change the quantity of diapers you need for the following week, or exchange diaper wrap sizes, please call or email with a 24 hour notice.

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Daycares Accepting of Cloth Diapers

Iowa City/Coralville area
Handicare -
Kid's Depot -

Quad City area
Kiddie Karrasel - LeClaire
Christ Family Daycare - Bettendorf

If you know of a daycare in our service area that is accepting of cloth diapers, please email us to include them in our directory!